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Here are a few of the APR rescues cared for by Paces Ferry Veterinary Clinic.


Gwinnie is a 3 year old English Bulldog who currently weighs 60 pounds. She is overweight and should lose at least 10 pounds. This sweet girl was surrendered to us by her previous owner because they were no longer able to care for her.

Gwinnie came to us with the folds around her face infected. English Bulldogs must have their folds cleaned regularly and when it is not done, they can develop severe skin infections. Gwinnie is also suffering from a severe entropion in her right eye, where the eyelashes of her eye grow in and constantly irritate the eye. Gwinnie will need to see an ophthalmologist to assess her eye. Finally, she is being treated for demodex mange, a non-contagious form of mange, and has some hair loss and scarring due to it. If you can help us with the cost of her medical treatments, we would greatly appreciate it. Just click on the "Sponsor Me" link below.

Although Gwinnie has come to us in incredibly poor condition, her personality has remained very sweet. She is reportedly housebroken as long as she has regular potty breaks. Gwinnie does well with other dogs, but does not require a canine companion. She mostly enjoys being a couch potato. There is one thing that Gwinnie definitely does not like and that is the lawn mower. She must be kept indoors while the grass is being mowed. Gwinnie is a wonderful girl that deserves a loving forever home that has the ability to provide the maintenance required for the English Bulldog.


Huey is almost two years old and has many more to live, if he can be kept out of the path of cars. Huey looks like a Boston Terrier-Spaniel mix, though his owner said he is a Chihuahua-Jack Russell Terrier mix. He weighs 13 pounds. This poor boy came to us from an outlying animal control facility. He is another of the many, many dogs who are turned loose at night to roam the streets and get exercise and a potty break. As is often the case, this can lead to death or injury when the dog is hit by a car.

Huey is one of those dogs. His previous owner brought him to animal control to be euthanized the day after he had been hit by a car. The driver stopped to tell Huey's owner that she was sorry, but had no time to stop short of hitting Huey on his right side. Huey suffered a dislocated shoulder and his right eye was knocked out of the socket by the impact. If his owner had taken him to the vet immediately after the accident, his eye might have been saved. At first, it was believed that his right front leg was broken also, but x-rays showed that it was wrenched out of the socket instead. Huey also has swelling on his right hip from the impact, but no other broken bones.

To add to the physical trauma he has been through, Huey also has pink markings on his neck and head because the children that he lived with had colored him with a pink marker.

Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Steven Whittle and the staff at Paces Ferry Animal Hospital, Huey received immediate treatment and was rushed into surgery the next morning to remove his eye and manipulate his leg back into the shoulder socket. Huey will wear a sling and be on complete cage rest for two weeks to allow the soft tissue to return to its normal condition and hold Huey's leg in place. If it does not, he will need another surgery to attempt to mechanically hold the shoulder joint together. And finally, if that fails, he will have the leg amputated. We are hoping that Huey's youth and Dr. Whittle's skill will allow the shoulder to heal and become functional again.

If you would like to help defray the cost of Huey's surgery and follow up care, please click the "Sponsor Me" link shown below. Any donation will be greatly appreciated.


Chaps is a little three year old Yorkie mix who weighs 6 pounds. He came to us with a skin infection that has caused him to lose some of his hair. We want to be sure he doesn't need any medical attention for his skin condition before being adopted.

Chaps is very spunky and playful. Check back to see about his availability.


Simon is a curious little twiggy wiry-coated, long-legged kind of a dog. He is an unusual color of taupey-tan and has a long tuft of hair on the top of his head. Simon weighs about 8 pounds and probably would look better if he gained a pound. He came from a rural animal control facility and was heavily infested with whipworms when we got him and he was very, very sick. Simon is all better now, and loves to eat everything in sight, so should have no problem putting on a bit of weight. Simon gets along well with dogs and cats. He is very affectionate, too. Simon knows how to use a doggie door to go outside for potty breaks and is crate trained. He is a work in progress, but promises to be a #1 pet.

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