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cat microchipping in Atlanta, GA

Dog & Cat Microchipping with AKC Reunite in Atlanta, GA

As a pet parent, there’s only so much you can do to keep your pet safe: lock the gate, keep them on a leash, close the windows, etc. Yet, somehow, pets can still escape. The best way to ensure they come back home safely is with a cat or dog microchip. We offer pet microchipping through AKC Reunite at our Atlanta, Georgia, animal hospital, and we recommend it for every pet!

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cat or dog microchipping in Atlanta, GA

Why Does My Indoor Dog or Cat Need a Microchip?

You may be thinking that a microchip is a bit of overkill. Your pet is indoors all the time or most of the time, and they have a collar on with an ID tag. What more could you need? Unfortunately, our pets are not as innocent as they look! They could slip out a door that was left open by a child; they could dig under the fence, or they could pounce through an open window. There are many ways our pets can escape — a microchip can help them make their way back home.

Additionally, if you travel with your pet, a microchip is likely essential. Most domestic and international health certificates require your pet to have a microchip so that they are easily identified upon arrival and can be reunited with you if lost.

dog microchipping in Atlanta, GA

What is a Microchip?

A microchip is a tiny device, no bigger than a grain of rice, that we place beneath the skin between your pet’s shoulder blades. Administering the device is no more painful than a routine vaccine injection. Microchips emit a unique ID number via radio waves that are read by special microchip scanners. This number corresponds with the contact information you’ll add to AKC Reunite’s online database. Most veterinarians, shelters, and animal control offices have microchip readers.

How Does Microchipping Work?

If your pet goes missing, you can report them missing on AKC Reunite’s site. When your pet is found and taken to a vet or shelter, their microchip will be scanned, the unique ID code will pop up and the vet or shelter volunteer will know to contact AKC Reunite, who will then contact you!

AKC Reunite Lifetime Enrollment

Our pet microchip provider, AKC Reunite, offers lifetime enrollment for a single low fee. Many microchip providers have an annual fee in order to use their services, but AKC Reunite does not. Services you'll get with an AKC Reunite microchip include:

  • No annual fees, renewal fees, or hidden fees
  • Live agents available 24/7
  • Free account updates
  • Annual reminders to update your contact information
  • Private pet portal with your companion’s picture, medical records, and more

Ready to Microchip Your Dog or Cat?

Inserting a microchip is an easy procedure that we can include in your next visit! Let us know you’d like a microchip for your pet at your next visit or make an appointment online. Our staff can also help you register the microchip online and create your pet’s profile with your contact information.

cat microchip in vinings, ga

There are not enough words to express how amazing this Veterinary Clinic is. The level of service we have received is just outstanding, I just cannot even put into words how thankful I am that I walked into their office. This will be our go to vet in the future for all our needs and I highly recommend them to anyone!

- Britney B.

Taken my little fluff ball, Otto, here twice and Dr. Mackey is amazing. First time I took him for routine vaccinations and the second was because my little Malshipoo was having some illness concerns. I called at 8:10, I had an appointment an hour later. I'm seriously considering bringing Otto here for any grooming or extra care from now on. It's worth every penny.

- Craig M.

I have a 4 yo male German Shepherd who is well behaved but very high energy. Everyone at Paces Ferry Vet Clinic treated him like he was their own dog. The techs were super nice, made sure to give him real attention and affection to help keep him relaxed. Dr. Mackey was awesome, also taking extra time to help ease his anxiety. I can't say enough good things about the experience! Paces Ferry Vet Clinic has earned a patient for life!

- Dre G.

The staff is always very nice, professional and excited to welcome us into the clinic. They have helped us many times when we were concerned about our 2 dogs. I have the upmost trust that our dogs will get the best care and we will get the best information on how to proceed should any problem arise.

- Kate B.

Paces Ferry Veterinary Clinic

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