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Spay and Neuter in Atlanta, GA Setting Pets Up for Brighter Futures

Electing to have your new puppy or kitten spayed/neutered is one of the most important decisions you can make for their long-term health. Spay and neuter surgeries do more than prevent pregnancy; they reduce your pet’s risk of serious diseases later in life and also play a role in curbing some undesirable behaviors. At Paces Ferry Veterinary Clinic, we often perform spays and neuters at local rescues around Vinings, Smyrna, and the greater Atlanta, Georgia, areas. Our experience allows us to perform the most effective procedures at the highest safety standards.

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Dog and Cat Spay and Neuer in Atlanta, GA

Why Spay/Neuter Your Dog or Cat?

Spaying and neutering help prevent unwanted litters and combat pet overpopulation. Pet homelessness and overpopulation are serious concerns in Atlanta, Georgia, and the greater US. With so many pets without homes, many shelters are at capacity, meaning healthy pets are either left as strays or euthanized. Spay and neuter surgeries greatly reduce the rate of unwanted pregnancies, which significantly impacts pet overpopulation.

In addition, spay and neuter surgeries also have significant benefits for your individual pet including:

  • Spayed females will no longer go into heat, which is a frustrating and sometimes messy experience for both pet and owner!
  • Neutered dogs and cats are often less aggressive and are less likely to practice behaviors such as urine marking and mounting.
  • Spayed and neutered pets are all much less likely to have the urge to roam to find a mate. This means fewer escape attempts, which can put your pet in harm’s way.
  • Spayed cats and dogs are significantly less likely to develop mammary gland tumors later in life. These tumors are almost always cancerous in dogs, and in more than half of cats.
  • Neutered cats and dogs have a reduced chance of developing prostate problems and no chance of developing testicular cancer.
  • Spayed dogs and cats have no risk of developing uterine, cervical, or ovarian cancers, and are also no longer susceptible to pyometra, a dangerous uterine infection.
Puppy Spay and Neuer in Atlanta, GA
dog and cat on the floor waiting for spay and neuter surgery in Atlanta, GA

The Best Time for Spay or Neuter Surgery

Generally, 6 months is the best practice for spay/neuter surgeries for most cats and dogs. However, some larger breed dogs can benefit from a later surgery at about a year old, because their reproductive hormones play an important role in their growth rate. Furthermore, spaying a female pet before her first heat cycle offers the most protection from future mammary gland tumors, so an earlier surgery can sometimes be beneficial if your pet is healthy and strong enough. We’ll discuss your pet’s personalized surgery timeline when you bring them in for their puppy/kitten exams!

Breaking Down the Myths About Spaying and Neutering

There are a lot of myths out there regarding spay and neuter surgeries and what their true benefit is for pets. Our veterinarians recommend this surgery for all pets, and for good reason. Let’s examine some of the biggest myths and explore their truthfulness.

We hope you’ll see the benefits of surgery more clearly now! If you’ve welcomed an adorable bundle of fur into your home, make an appointment soon so we can discuss their best surgery timeline!