Dog Wellness Exams in Atlanta, GA

Cat and Dog Exams & Wellness Care in Atlanta, GA

At Paces Ferry Veterinary Clinic, we take a pet-centered approach to preventive medicine and care. Your pet is a special member of the family, and we treat them like the individual they are with personalized pet exams. Our main goal is to prevent illness and give you as many good years as possible with your beloved fur family. To do that, we recommend yearly or semiannual veterinary visits to our Atlanta, Georgia, hospital in the village of Vinings. Routine visits help us stay on top of your pet’s ever-changing health.

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Dog and Cat Wellness Exams in Atlanta, GA
Cat Wellness Exams in Atlanta, GA
Senior Dog Wellness Exams in Atlanta, GA

What's Included in an Annual Dog or Cat Wellness Visit?

Preventive veterinary medicine involves extensive measures to prevent illness as well as catch and treat any developing conditions as soon as possible. At an annual visit you can expect:

  • A full, nose-to-tail physical exam where we check your pet’s skin and coat health, ears, eyes, and nose, teeth and oral health, and the heart and lungs
  • Body condition score and weight check
  • Age-appropriate blood work to detect any underlying diseases that have not yet shown any physical symptoms
  • Fecal exam to check for intestinal parasites
  • Urinalysis, to assess kidney and bladder health
  • Vaccinations, if due for boosters
  • Heartworm test (for dogs)
  • Deworming for puppies and kittens as needed
  • Parasite prevention
  • Nutritional advice or counseling as needed
  • Behavioral advice or counseling as needed

Not all pets will need to receive all services — we tailor each wellness visit to your pet’s individual needs.

The Importance of Flea, Tick, and Heartworm Prevention in Atlanta, GA

In our warm and mild climate, parasites such as fleas, ticks, and heartworms are a danger to our pets all year long. Both cats and dogs are at risk, and require proper parasite prevention in order to remain healthy. Here are some reasons we recommend year-long parasite prevention:


Heartworms are transmitted via the bite of an infected mosquito. They enter your pet’s bloodstream and then lodge themselves in the blood vessels around the heart and lungs where they grow, mature, and multiply. Dogs are at the greatest risk for heartworm disease, but cats are not immune and can also become infected. Treating heartworm disease in dogs is costly and hard on your pet, and for cats, there is no cure. Heartworm prevention for dogs and cats is an effective way to avoid this dangerous disease.

cat scratching with post

Ticks in Georgia have been known to carry Rocky Mountain spotted fever, anaplasmosis, ehrlichiosis, and Lyme disease. While the rate of Lyme disease is relatively low in this state, it has increased significantly in the last few years. Yet, all of these tick-borne illnesses are a serious threat to your pet’s health. While dogs are more likely to come in contact with ticks as they hike with their owners, indoor cats can also come in contact with ticks that are brought into the home. These diseases can be serious for pets, but year-round tick prevention can reduce or even eliminate your pet’s risk.

dog scratching in field

Fleas are more than an annoyance. They are intermediate hosts for tapeworms and can transmit Bartonella, or “cat scratch disease,” which is zoonotic, meaning your pet can transmit it to you, too. To protect your pet and your family, flea prevention is essential!

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