veterinary care foundation at paces ferry veterinary clinic in Atlanta, GA

Veterinary Care Foundation

Supporting pets with the care they need is our true passion. Yet, veterinary care comes with a cost that not every pet from a disadvantaged place like a shelter or rescue, can afford. Our aim is to never turn any pet away. So, if the cost of care cannot be paid by the pet's guardian, the Veterinary Care Foundation helps us to cover those costs for our hospital and team.

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What is VCF?

The Veterinary Care Foundation is a veterinary charity whose only purpose is to help veterinary practices fund their discounted and no-charge cases that they generously provide to disadvantaged pets and hardship cases. 100% of every donation goes straight to helping VCF and its member practices provide care to pets in need. We use all funds donated in a variety of ways including:

  • Funding for hardship cases
  • Assisting pet parents in financial crisis
  • Care for police/fire and service animals
  • Supporting pets of families in crisis
  • Funding for pets harmed or displaced by local disasters
  • Other charitable purposes

When you donate to our practice through VCF, you help us to continue to support our community pets with high-quality veterinary care so they can live their best lives, regardless of their financial situation.